Constructing the 57-Group Quasiparticle

By December 11, 2017March 2nd, 2021Blog
Constructing the 57-Group Quasiparticle

Fang Fang, Researcher at Quantum Gravity Research, Explains Constructing the 57-Group Quasiparticle

In Quantum Gravity Research’s video ‘Constructing the 57-Group Quasiparticle’,  physicist Fang Fang discusses a geometric object called the 57-Group.

Fang Fang, research scientist at Quantum Gravity Research, shows how the 57-Group–a structure that we propose as a quasiparticle–is constructed, and demonstrates how this quasiparticle can propagate along the “Hopf” loops in a 4D quasicrystal known as the Elser-Sloane quasicrystal, which is derived via a cut-and-project method of projection from the E8 lattice.

The 57 group is an important geometric object in the 600-Cell. The 600-Cell is a 4-dimensional shape made of 600 tetrahedra. When the Gosset polytope is projected from E8 to 4D at a certain angle, two 600-Cells are produced, the ratio of their sizes being the golden ratio.

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