Carlos Castro Perelman (also published under the name of Carlos Castro) graduated from the Institute of Technology of Massachusetts (MIT) and received a doctorate in physics from the University of Texas at Austin. His original work on Extended Relativity in Clifford spaces was recognized by academia as well as the international press, and this work earned him a nomination for an award from the Peter Gruber Foundation. His contribution to the Riemann Conjecture has raised interest in academic circles.

Carlos has written 192 articles, a large majority published in various journals, and as a sole author, including Classical and Quantum Gravity, Annals of Physics, Physics Letters B, Journal of Mathematical Physics, Physical Review D, Journal of Geometry and Physics, Journal of Physics A and Foundations of Physics.

His main research areas are the Extended Relativity theory in Clifford spaces; Born Reciprocal Relativity; gravity, strings and membranes; grand unification; fractals; Quantum Field Theory, Mathematical Physics; No commutative geometry and number theory.

His publications can be found here.