QGR’s mission is to discover and communicate the geometric unification of space, time, matter, energy, information and consciousness.

Our team of physicists, mathematicians and chemists are hard at work on what we call “emergence theory,” a new quantum gravity theory (or “Theory of Everything”) that unifies space, time, energy, matter, information and consciousness.

But we’re not seeking just a theory of everything. We’re seeking a first principles theory of everything. First principles means everything is explained. For example, in current models we accept the speed of light as a starting point from which we make other calculations. But there is no current theory that explains why the speed of light is what it is––or why the universe even has a speed limit in the first place.

Emergence theory‘s framework envisions a 3-dimensional, quasicrystalline geometric language at the pixelated, Planck scale of spacetime that is projected from the 8-dimensional, E8 crystal. The theory aims to provide explanations to why various fundamental constants, such as the speed of light, have the values they do. And through rigorous scientific research we explore an ontology in which consciousness plays a fundamental role.