Applying for a Quantum Gravity Research Grant

Quantum Gravity Research (a 501c3 non-profit corporation) is a Los Angeles based organization working on developing a first-principles quantum gravity unification theory while supporting the global physics community at large through collaborative research and grants. QGR supports the outstanding work of individuals based anywhere in the world in the fields of mathematics and physics.

To apply for a grant, please send the following information in one email as one complete package via PDF:

1. Research Proposal to include the following:

  • Title of your research project – Keep the title of the project short and simple, but informative. The title should clearly describe the proposed project.
  • Abstract of the project – Give a short summary (maximum 250 words) of the proposed project. The abstract should contain an overview of the project, including a short background description, the objectives and a brief description of how these will be accomplished, and expected outputs.
  • What is/are the problem(s) your research project seeks to address? Provide background and justification for your research.
  • What is the current state of scientific knowledge that your research is building on? Provide a short and up-to-date summary of the present status of scientific knowledge relevant to the research you propose. The summary must show how your research is built on previous knowledge and how it is innovative.
  • Indicate target publications for this research.
  • Duration – Enter the expected total duration of your project in months.
  • Budget – Explain how much is needed, giving explanatory details and calculations for amounts requested. List any other funds for your project that you have obtained or applied for.  

2. CVs for all researchers involved that include educational and work background, as well as information on any other courses or training programs relevant to the field of the proposed research project. Highlight your present research position at your institution with starting date, if permanent or temporary, and end date. If you are not employed by an organization, please explain your current research situation.

3. A list of most recent publications for all researchers with links to read online, if possible.


All grants are awarded with the following understanding:

      1. That you will use the grant funds only as specified in the approved grant proposal.
      2. That you will maintain records to show and account for the uses of grant funds.
      3. That you will allow QGR access to records to verify grant expenditures and activities.
      4. That you will provide written acknowledgment of receipt of payments of grant funds.
      5. That you will repay any portion of the funds not used for the specified purposes.
      6. That you will refrain from use of the funds for any purpose prohibited by law.
      7. That you will cooperate with any efforts of QGR to publicize the grant award.
      8. That you will comply with reasonable requests for information about program activities.

We will ask that you mention the sponsorship of your project by Quantum Gravity Research in any publicity concerning the project.

Applications will be judged on the scientific merit and the innovative aspects of the proposal as well as on the competence of the applicant.

To apply for a grant, please send the above to: