Emergence theory focuses on projecting the 8-dimensional crystal known as the E8 lattice to 4D and then representing the resulting, projected 4D quasicrystal in a 3D quasicrystal on which reality as we know it emerges.

When the fundamental 8D cell of the E8 lattice – a shape with 240 vertices known as the “Gosset polytope” – is projected to 4D, two identical, 4D shapes of different sizes are created. The ratio of their sizes is the golden ratio. Because of the particular angle of projection from 8D to 4D, each of these shapes is constructed of 600 3-dimensional tetrahedra rotated from one another by a golden ratio based angle. We refer to this 4D shape as the “600-Cell.” The 600-cells interact in specific ways (they intersect in 7 golden ratio related ways and “kiss” in one particular way) to form the 4D quasicrystal.