Daniele Corradetti, Alessio Marrani, David Chester and Ray Aschheim (2022)

Motivated by the recent interest in Lie algebraic and geometric structures arising from tensor products of division algebras and their relevance to high energy theoretical physics, we analyze generalized bioctonionic projective and hyperbolic planes. After giving a Veronese representation of the complexification of the Cayley plane OP 2 C , we present a novel, explicit construction of the bioctonionic Cayley-Rosenfeld plane (C ⊗ O) P 2 , again by exploiting Veronese coordinates. We discuss the isometry groups of all generalized bioctonionic planes, recovering all complex and real forms of the exceptional groups F4 and E6, and characterizing such planes as symmetric and Hermitian symmetric spaces. We conclude by discussing some possible physical applications