Klee Irwin (2014)

A first principles theory of everything has yet to be achieved. An E8 derived code of quantized spacetime could meet the following suggested requirements:
(1) First principles explanation of time dilation, inertia, the magnitude of the Planck constant and the speed of light.
(2) First principles explanation of conservation laws and gauge transformation symmetry.
(3) Must be fundamentally relativistic with nothing that is invariant being absolute.
(4) Pursuant to the deduction that reality is fundamentally information-theoretic, all information must be generated by observation/measurement at the simplest Planck scale of the code/language.
(5) Must be non-deterministic.
(6) Must be computationally efficient.
(7) Must be a code describing “jagged” (quantized) waveform – a waveform language.
(8) Must have a first principles explanation for preferred chirality in nature.