Vyacheslav Ruchin, Olivia Vacaru, Sergiu Vacaru (2017)

Using double 2+2 and 3+1 nonholonomic fibrations on Lorentz manifolds, we extend the concept of W-entropy for gravitational fields in the general relativity (GR) theory. Such F- and W-functionals were introduced in the Ricci flow theory of three dimensional, 3-d, Riemannian metrics by G. Perelman, arXiv: math.DG/0211159. Nonrelativistic 3-d Ricci flows are characterized by associated statistical thermodynamical values determined by W–entropy. Generalizations for geometric flows of 4-d pseudo-Riemannian metrics are considered for models with local thermodynamic equilibrium and separation of dissipative and non-dissipative processes in relativistic hydrodynamics. The approach is elaborated in the framework of classical filed theories (relativistic continuum and hydrodynamic models) without an underlying kinetic description which will be elaborated in other works. The 3+1 splitting allows us to provide a general relativistic definition of gravitational entropy in the Lyapunov-Perelman sense. It increases monotonically as structure forms in the Universe. We can formulate a thermodynamic description of exact solutions in GR depending, in general, on all spacetime coordinates. A corresponding 2+2 splitting with nonholonomic deformation of linear connection and frame structures is necessary for generating in very general form various classes of exact solutions of the Einstein and general relativistic geometric flow equations. Finally, we speculate on physical macrostate and microstate interpretations of the W-entropy in GR, geometric flow theories and possible connections to string theory (a second unsolved problem also contained in Perelman’s works) in the Polyakov’s approach.