Xerxes D. Arsiwalla, David Chester, Louis H. Kauffman (2023)

We investigate operator algebraic origins of the classical Koopman-von Neumann wave function ψKvN as well as the quantum mechanical one ψQM. We introduce a formalism of Operator Mechanics (OM) based on a noncommutative Poisson, symplectic and noncommutative differential structures. OM serves as a pre-quantum algebra from which algebraic structures relevant to real-world classical and quantum mechanics follow. In particular, ψKvN and ψQM are both consequences of this pre-quantum formalism. No a priori Hilbert space is needed. OM admits an algebraic notion of operator expectation values without invoking states. A phase space bundle E follows from this. ψKvN and ψQM are shown to be sections in E. The difference between ψKvN and ψQM originates from a quantization map interpreted as “twisting” of sections over E. We also show that the Schrödinger equation is obtained from the Koopman-von Neumann equation. What this suggests is that neither the Schrödinger equation nor the quantum wave function are fundamental structures. Rather, they both originate from a pre-quantum operator algebra. Finally, we comment on how entanglement between these operators suggests emergence of space; and possible extensions of this formalism to field theories.