Marcelo Amaral, Richard Clawson, Klee Irwin (2023)

In this work, we define quasicrystalline spin networks as a subspace within the standard Hilbert space of loop quantum gravity, effectively constraining the states to coherent states that align with quasicrystal geometry structures. We introduce quasicrystalline spin foam amplitudes, a variation of the EPRL spin foam model, in which the internal spin labels are constrained to correspond to the boundary data of quasicrystalline spin networks. Within this framework, the quasicrystalline spin foam amplitudes encode the dynamics of quantum geometries that exhibit aperiodic structures. Additionally, we investigate the coupling of fermions within the quasicrystalline spin foam amplitudes. We present calculations for three-dimensional examples and then explore the 600-cell construction, which is a fundamental component of the four-dimensional Elser-Sloane quasicrystal derived from the E8 root lattice.