Here’s a fun little video we made of of the 20-Group flying around New York City. The 20-Group is a fundamental object in the quasicrystalline spin network (QSN), the fundamental substructure of spacetime at the tiniest scale, according to emergence theory. Our physics model is related to the algebra and geometry of the 8-dimensional E8 lattice, an 8D mathematical structure which appears to encode the particles and forces of our 3-dimensional reality. We project a slice of E8 down to 4D, creating a quasicrystal made entirely of 3D tetrahedrons. These tetrahedrons are clumped together in groups of 20 tetrahedrons that share a vertex. These 4D groups, which we call 20-groups, are the densest possible packing of 20 tetrahedrons. A golden-ratio rotation is the only way to rotate these 20 tetrahedrons (with 80 faces) to collapse down to the minimum number (10) of parallel faces. The 20-Group encodes 4-dimensional space, and the golden-ratio rotation is isomorphic to the curving of the 3D space into the 4th dimension. The importance of our 3D 20-group is that it maps to or encodes fundamental information about the eight-dimensional E8 lattice right here in our ordinary 3D physical reality.