Michel Planat, Raymond Aschheim, Marcelo M. Amaral, Klee Irwin (2018)

It has been shown that non-stabilizer eigenstates of permutation gates are appropriate for allowing d-dimensional universal quantum computing (uqc) based on minimal informationally complete POVMs. The relevant quantum gates may be built from subgroups of finite index of the modular group Γ = PSL(2,Z) [M. Planat, Entropy 20, 16 (2018)] or more generally from subgroups of fundamental groups of 3- manifolds [M. Planat, R. Aschheim, M. M. Amaral and K. Irwin, arXiv 1802.04196(quant-ph)]. In this paper, previous work is encompassed by the use of torsion-free subgroups of Bianchi groups for deriving the quantum gate generators of uqc. A special role is played by a chain of Bianchi congruence n-cusped links starting with Thurston’s link.